Weight Loss Exercises

Simple Weight Loss Exercises That You Can Do Anywhere

Don’t let your hectic schedule and frantic lifestyle deprive you of the health benefits of regular exercise, because here are some simple exercises to lose weight for everyone. If you don’t have an hour to spare, no need to worry because these are routines you can incorporate in daily while at the workplace. All it takes is a little amount of conscious effort to execute these simple exercises while you are doing something else. The key is to use multi-tasking, but only at a minimum level. Here are the Exercises to Lose Weight that you can do anywhere
First, walk as much as possible. Whether going to the cafeteria, to your officemate’s desk, or to the pantry. Also, drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Staying hydrated helps boost your metabolism by helping your organs get rid of waste from your system.

Do leg lifts while sending an e-mail, preparing a report or answering a phone call.Remain seated on your chair and place a book or two on top of your feet for resistance.Raise both your feet together until your legs are parallel to the floor.Maintain this position for a second or two.Return to original stance and repeat 10 times.
Try to do at least three sets of this exercise daily.

Another set of easy to do exercises involve stretching. Stretch your head by rotating it clockwise and counterclockwise for 8 counts each.Rotate your shoulders while on your chair by moving them forward, upward, backwards and down in 16 counts.Another technique is to stand upright; place both hands (palms down) on the surface of your table and push your weight down on your palms and pull your body upwards to practically stretch your back while both feet remain planted on the floor.Finally, stand upright with your back against the wall; raise both your hands straight above your head; hold this position for 5 counts; return to original stance and repeat.
You can also do bicep exercises while in the office. You can hide a dumbbell in your office cabinet or simply fill up a water bottle. Using either of the two as resistance, sit up straight and lift the weight with your hands into a bicep curl; repeat and alternate between hands.

Remember to maintain a rhythm of regular deep breaths while performing the above simple exercises to lose weight for better results and a more relaxing effect. Do these routines daily and, over time, you’ll definitely notice their positive effects.

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