Pilates For Weight Loss

Anyone who does Pilates workouts and commits to the workout will lose weight.  Pilates for weight loss will also make you look trimmer and leaner.

How Does It Work?

Pilates exercises burn calories.  The amount of calories you burn will depend on the intensity and the time you spend working out.  Pilates will help develop lean muscle mass that increases one’s calorie and fat burning capabilities.  Pilates also improves respiratory function that is important in faster calorie burning and tissue regeneration.  It does not just aid in weight loss, it also tones and reshapes your body making it more toned and well-shaped.

Beginners can lose up to 241 calories by doing Pilates.  Intermediate levels of pilates can burn up to 338 calories per session while advanced levels can burn up to 421 calories.


Pilates and Aerobics

Pilates is not an aerobic exercise.  In order to maximize the effect and get faster result, you can combine Pilates and aerobic exercises.  Aerobics can help you burn more fats while Pilates will tone your body and shape it into a better more attractive shape.

Pilates also has its other benefits such as:

  • Better posture
  • Toned body
  • Relieves back pains
  • Increases joint control and mobility
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improved performance on sports and other physical activities

The benefits of Pilates will make you more aware of your body and conscious of what you eat.  This will help you gain more control over your cravings and urges.  It will also help you make smart choices when it comes to food and your lifestyle.

Effects of Pilates on Weight Loss

Changes the shape of your body making it more attractive, tightens the waistline, and builds strong and lean muscles, tones the muscles.

Weight loss with Pilates and Diet

Just like any weight loss plan, Pilates will be more effective if done with proper diet.  Remember, you have to burn more calories than what you take in so having a solid diet program will compliment your Pilates workout.  For added energy, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and other foods that are rich in fiber and nutrients.  Avoid fatty and greasy food that will make you feel heavy and lazy.  Get an added boost on your metabolism with healthy foods and plenty of fluids.

More Muscles, Faster Weight Loss

Having a good muscle mass is the best way to increase burning of calories.  The stronger the muscles the more energy it needs to support it.  The good thing with Pilates is that it does not buff up your muscles.  It keeps it lean but strong.  Creating muscle mass needs energy and it also helps burn more calories and stored fats.

Pilates and Cardiovascular Exercise

Since Pilates is mainly a strength training exercise, weight loss will be twice faster if it is combined with cardiovascular exercises like hiking, jogging, running and other activities.  Having a little variety on your exercises will also make it more interesting and will motivate you to stick to your weight loss program.

Pilates is a workout regimen that can be done on a long-term basis.  But if done for a long period of time, you have to make sure that you increase the intensity and the routines so that your body will not hit a weight loss plateau.  Your body will reach a stage where it will adapt to the activities and will no longer be losing the weight no matter how much you try.  The only way to remedy this is to increase the intensity or introduce new twists and exercises so the body will respond and start burning calories again.

Tools for Pilates

Pilates require some equipment and tools some of which may be expensive so it is more practical to enroll in a Pilate’s class that has all the equipment you need.  For beginners, it is also important to do the workout with the guidance of a professional to avoid accidents and injuries especially when handling equipment.  Being in a class or a group is also encouraging and can keep you motivated compared to working out alone.  Working out is always more exciting when you have other people to share your goals with. 

To avoid hitting a weight loss plateau, increase and decrease the resistance levels of the resistance equipment every now and then.  This way, your muscles will be constantly challenged and will keep on working. By doing so, you will also be maintaining the control and balance of your core muscles. Apart from doing Pilates also take Phen375 diet pills which is going to accelerate the process and give you more energy.

At home, you can use exercise balls and fitness bands to add more variety to your exercise routines.  It is important that you also keep exercising at home especially if you don’t have time to visit your Pilates class.

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