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Exercises to Lose Fat From Thighs

For women who want to lose weight, thighs can be a big hurdle. The thighs are a problem area for most women because fat deposits tend to accumulate in these parts. Also, most women are genetically predisposed to having bigger and heavier thighs compared to the other areas of the body. So, how do women go about reducing their thighs?

You can lose weight fast in your thighs by incorporating the benefits of both healthy diet and exercise. Avoid overeating and regulate the amount of fatty food you include in your diet to avoid further build up of fat in your thigh areas. Also, eat more fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber to cleanse your system of all the junk from poor eating habits to achieve a more efficient metabolism of stored fat.

Indeed, there are various thigh exercises; however, before you start isolating your thighs in these exercises, it is important to first pay attention to the regimen intended for overall weight loss. When you design your exercise routines for the whole body to lose weight, thighs will also shed off excess pounds as a result. This is especially true for individuals with excess weight issues.

If you have already reduced your overall body weight and your thighs remain fat and heavy, you can now incorporate different types of thigh exercises to lose weight on the targeted areas.

Exercises to Lose Fat From Thighs

Combine lunging and squatting routines. This work out combination is proven to reduce the size of your thighs up to 3 inches less if you do 3 sets each of squats and lunges at least three times a week. Provided, of course, that your diet is regulated and limited to healthy food choices and small portions.

To perform lunges, use a dumbbell hanging on each hand for resistance, and stand upright. Your back should be straight, breast out, and your feet apart. Take a step from your right leg to as far as you are able while your left leg remains stationary. As your right foot touches the ground, lower your body by bending down on both knees. Hold for a second or two and return to original position. Repeat the same process on your left leg and alternate between legs for at least 12 to 16 times for one set.

Squatting can be performed by standing upright, back straight, breast out and feet apart. Lower yourself to a sitting position by bending on your knees while thighs remain parallel to the floor. Hold the position for a second or two and return to your original stance. Repeat the process 10 times for one set.

To effectively lose weight, thighs should be subjected to regular exercise every week. This will ensure that your thighs continue to lose weight, your thigh muscles will tone, and your legs will look sexy throughout.

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