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How To Lose Baby Weight Fast?

The excuse to eat for two for nine months is tough to ignore – the cakes, the chocolate, the extra large portions and of course, the baby was really craving all those bread and potatoes…but now with the baby weight still hanging around, in hindsight all that eating may not have been such a good idea.

But when it comes to getting back into shape for our so-called summer, where do you begin?

It starts in the mind.  Whilst it is great to have a bikini in your cupboard as inspiration to get fit and fabulous, it is equally important to understand why you are doing this.  The importance of the weight loss needs to be based in your need to be healthy and not solely your desire to be able to fit into a size 8 to 10 dress.  So start by considering what size you realistically want to be and can be and why you wish to start a fitness regime.

lose baby weight

Next consider how a fitness regime can realistically fit into your life.  If you have just had a baby and you are looking to lose the mummy tummy, then you probably don’t have the time or the desire to head to the gym at 5 a.m. for a two hour circuit sessions.  So instead look to simply move more.  Take the stairs instead of the lift.  Walk to town if possible instead of taking the car.  If you have older children, run around after them at the park as opposed to sitting and watching them play.  Even short bursts of exercise can influence your weightless so try a mini-home circuit:

  1. Run on the spot vigorously for 30 seconds, interchanging between kicking your heels up to meet your bottom and raising your knees up to your chest as you run. Then rest for thirty seconds.
  2. Next squats.  Bend down with your hands out stretched, back straight and knees directly over your feet (as though you were going to sit down) and repeat for thirty seconds and then rest for thirty seconds.
  3. Lie down on your front and raise yourself up on to your forearms and toes only.  This is called the Plank – hold it for thirty seconds and rest for thirty seconds.
  4. Finally change the weight from your toes to your knees, do press ups with hands directly below your shoulders for thirty seconds, and then rest.

This four minute workout is great for the entire body and you can do it as many times as you like throughout the day as it is so quick and simple.   If you have older children they might even want to join in!

Finally, look at your diet.  If you can be honest with yourself then that’s half the battle won.  Are you eating too many calories? If so you just need to Eat Less.  Are you sneaking in a packet of crisps or biscuits during the day? Are you still eating for two? If required, take Phen375 weight loss pills. In case you are breast-feeding then you do require around an extra 500 calories per day, but make sure these are good for you and the baby – fruit, vegetables, crispbreads etc.  There is no harm in a slice of bread, but not half a loaf and always make it whole wheat.  The same goes for a biscuit with your tea…just limit it to one. You can also start yoga sessions as yoga helps in weight loss.

The simple truth when it comes to losing weight is that you need to be healthy, move more and eat less.  This is the key to long term, progressive, healthy weightless.

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