Lose 20 Pounds

The Only Legitimate Way to Lose 20 Pounds

The quest to lose 20 pounds is not to be taken lightly. To give you an idea of how much (or heavy) 20 pounds of fat is, get a garbage bag and fill it with water. Then, add or remove water until you have 20 pounds. Now, lift it and try to get both your palms around it. Big and heavy isn’t it? I am not saying it is impossible; it is in fact very workable. But yes, it will take quite a bit of work on your part.

If you want to lose 20 pounds almost immediately, you better get a grip on yourself. First, it is not healthy to do this and second, you will probably just gain it back again. When planning to lose weight, you should not focus on the fastest way to lose weight. Rather, you should pay more attention to the most effective way of losing weight and keeping the pounds away for good.

Drastic measures to lose weight usually involve fasting and strenuous exercises and for some, diet pills or even surgery. It is worth noting and reminding yourself that when the body is deprived, it will jump start a primal instinct and that is the overwhelming desire to overeat for survival.

To effectively lose 20 pounds, you first need to get motivated to lose the pounds for good and not just for the moment. After you have resolved to commit yourself to a lifelong lifestyle change and a healthier body, make a journal of your eating habits and physical regimen. Thereafter, make appropriate adjustments.

You should remember that the body does not react well to immediate deprivations, so whatever changes you will introduce to your daily routine, you need to do it little by little. This will give your body and your system time to adjust and get used to the new routine until it becomes a habit. It’s ok if it takes you a year to lose 20 pounds, as long as you make progress and modify your lifestyle in the process.

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